Debt Collection Success Stories

Kaplan & Moon, PLLC, in Dallas, Texas, has earned a stellar reputation as a debt collection and creditors' rights law firm that produces positive results. Recent debt collection success stories include:

Collection of a $757,556 judgment payable in weekly installments of $8,000 against a New York medical facility. This medical center ceased operations several months after we obtained the judgment on behalf of a commercial utility provider, and several of its creditors attempted to place it into receivership. We collected the judgment in full plus attorney fees.

Collection of a $25,647 judgment originating from California for a cash business loan guaranteed by the principal of the company. After we filed the Writ of Garnishment in Texas and the debtor's bank account was frozen, his Georgia bankruptcy attorney demanded that we return the money. We successfully defeated the "suggestion of bankruptcy" proceeding the debtor's bankruptcy attorney filed in a Texas court, which alleged that because he had been discharged from bankruptcy in November 2008, this debt was subject to the discharge. We also convinced the court that the debtor was responsible for paying the additional legal fees we incurred to respond to this action. We were pleased to send California counsel a check for $22,765.

Collection of a $30,999 judgment originating from California for security personnel services rendered by a national security company. On the last day to contest the Texas judgment, the debtor's in-house counsel filed a motion to stay enforcement of the foreign judgment. We filed a motion in opposition showing the court that the debtor had been duly served in California and that the debtor also failed to post a bond required to contest the judgment. In addition, we were prepared to bring to the court's attention that in Texas, in-house counsel cannot represent the corporation unless he or she is also an officer of the corporation, which in this case, in-house counsel was not. After the judge ruled in our favor at the hearing, we memorialized an agreement for the debtor to pay the judgment in full, including attorney fees, at the rate of $5,000 per month. This debt was paid in full.

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